How many people are allowed in my car?
All tickets are purchased by the car load and covers the front two attendees. To add rear seat passengers to the car ticket you will need to purchase ‘add on’ tickets. These can be found on the website and on our ticketing platform. ALL tickets need to be purchased before arriving on site.
Can I sit outside my car?
If you have purchased a Silver or Gold ticket then you are allowed to sit outside of your car. If you have purchased a Bronze or a General Admission Ticket you will not be able to sit outside of your car and must remain in your car unless you are collecting food or visiting the toilet.
How do we hear the movie
The audio for the movie is played through your car stereo. If you are concerned about preserving your car battery, you can book in one of our portable radios or bring your own with you.
Will I have a good view of the screen?
Our screen is a whopping 52ft Airscreen. That means that the screen surface along is 16m long x 8m high. It is elevated in the air by 3m so every car in our vehicle auditorium should have a good view.
It’s important to let us know what car you will be arriving in, so that we can put you in the right parking slots. It’s like a school photo… Tall kids at the back!
Can I come in a convertible?
Yes, absolutely!
Are there toilet facilities?
Yes, there are toilets on site. They are covid safe and hand sanitizer is available. If you wanted to bring your own hand sanitizer as well, that would be a very welcomed idea.
Can I have others in my car that are not from my household?
You’ve got to stick to the Gov guidelines, so you do have to make sure you are only joining us with ONLY people who you live with. (We reserve the right to challenge those attending you we might suspect are not adhering to social distancing rules. It is advised therefore that you bring a proof of address with you and some photo ID)
Are there height restrictions on cars?
Nope!! We are happy for all cars to attend, we just need to organise you in height ascending order so that everyone gets a good view.
Can I bring my dog
Happily! All goes must be kept on leads and well looked after.
Will there be food and drinks?

Yes, there will be hot food and drinks on site. We are in partnership with Drive & Dine food vendors who will be providing a delicious array of dirty fries and gourmet burgers. Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available. Our food and beverage is working alongside very strict COVID-safe guidelines.