Our Story

Christian and I live in rural Cambridge with our dogs, Boozie and Tottie. Although a German by origin, Christian has lived here for over 12 years, running his own business as a river tour guide on the cam but happiest of all when found marching off to a lake with a fishing rod in hand and our jack russell (Tottie) at heel.

I (Eleanor) have wriggled my way around France for a bit in an old converted horsebox but have always found my way back to Cambridge where I grew up in a caravan whilst our family home was being built.





As a little girl, my father would tell me and my sister stories of fairies, gnomes and wishing-trees. So with the land of magic close to my heart, it’s hardly a surprise to announce my professional background stems from theatre and festivals.

In our downtime, we try our best to sparkle on the most plain of days. Playtime is so very important don’t you think? That is why in the garden of our home we throw extravagant dinner parties. Often they look deliciously out of the ordinary ; fairy lights, fire-pits, lampshades and clocks hanging in trees, vintage sofas set outside neighbouring book shelves filled with old hardbacks, rugs and coffee tables, it’s like a living room with no walls.

Our friends always arrive in an over-the- top, topsy-turvy fashion; dressed in costumes, peacocking and generally showing off. (we do love them!). Before we dine; there are of course the regular contenders who sport-up for an irresistible and highly ridiculous game of improvised music; where gypsy melodies bellow loudly from beaten-up accordions and our old and clunky, but much loved, piano.

And after the food has disappeared and the booze has been guzzled, it has now become habit to grab this favoured old bed sheet, hang it on the back of our converted horsebox sleep-wagon, wrap ourselves up in giggles and blankets, huddle together and wire-up our old projector and screen movies under the stars. Movies from old childhood memories, from forgotten corners of our minds to those that have not yet been seen. These evenings of course are special. Brimmed full of the sublime and silliness and we hold them very close to our hearts.

That’s why when last autumn we asked each other one night what we wanted with our future; we had the perfect answer. Just this!!! And that was when The Star & Mouse Picture Show was born. We’ve created a trinket-cinema; it’s a sparkly little affair, with enchanting festoon lighting and dressing up boxes, with fire-pits for warmth and deck chairs for comfort.

It can travel anywhere and whip up a storm of fun for those who wish to join in. So now it is our mission to bring what we do at home into the public, to reveal the secret we share amongst friends of how much more spectacular film is when watched in the open-air. And so it is time for The Star & Mouse Picture Show to spread it’s wings into a crowd of strangers. We look forward to spreading the love, sharing good food, laughter and most importantly well-loved films.