Stand By Me Duxford Drive-in

Doors: 6.30 - Film: Nightfall Thursday 20 Aug - IWM Duxford

Join Star & Mouse for a special screening of Stand By Me at their pop-up drive in movie theatre at IWM Duxford.

Thursday 20 Aug

We’re itching to welcome you to our event and simply can’t wait for you to experience watching Stand by Me on our new 52ft Airscreen with full HD picture.

A bit more information and what to expect on the night…

These strange times have gifted us the exciting opportunity to provide you with a one-of-a-kind drive-in experience that’ll have you wide-eyed and wistful, all from the safety and comfort of your own car. We’ve been working around the clock to ensure our events remain of the highest standards while diligently following ALL COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. 

We need EVERYONE’S help and participation to ensure not just you but your friends and family, and our wonderful diligent crew members are all kept safe over the duration of this evening’s event. 

There will be plenty of time to order a ‘Drive & Dine’ gourmet burger, some dirty fries and a choice of drinks from Boozie’s Old Fashioned Bar (see below).

Location: IWM Duxford
Address: Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4QR

Your access route will be through the main entrance, please follow event signs.

Gates Open
PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP EARLY!!!!! There is plenty of room in our parking auditorium and EVERYONE will have a great view of the screen. We would therefore urge you not to try and beat the rush to bagsy the best spaces (every space is great).

There is a long window of time for you to arrive within, this is done so that no one is feeling hurried and we have ample time to park you up and let you grab a bite to eat from our vendor if you wish to do so.

Our doors will open at 6:30pm
The film will begin at nightfall (approx 8:30pm)

On Arrival
Please follow instruction from our delightful stewards and adhere to all signage around the site.
You will be directed through our boutique wonderland for a session of live music, followed by some bonkers bingo!
There is a Social Distancing Area to enjoy a leg stretch and some fresh air prior to the film commencing.

When you come onto site you’ll need to tune your radio into 87.9FM
A drive in wouldn’t be a drive in without great sound!
Our tech-mice have been working hard to produce fabulous sound quality.

Guests and Vehicle Movement
To ensure everyone’s safety we kindly ask that only two people leave their vehicles/designated areas at a time.
Traffic will be managed safely.
Once your vehicle is parked you will not be permitted to move your vehicle until the film has finished.
After the film has finished we must kindly insist that you wait patiently until your vehicle is signalled to leave.

Food and Drink
Drive & Dine has tonight’s meals covered! Gourmet Burgers and Dirty Fries at the ready.
Boozie’s Old Fashioned Bar has a choice of draft beer, wines and non-alcoholic beverages for you all too.

Please note, we are no longer going to be running with the NOQ app for food orders. Instead we invite you to simply turn up, use our socially distance queuing system and pay for your food orders via contactless card payments. 

Everyone’s Safety, Best Mask, Hand Sanitiser & Toilet Stops
For EVERYONE’S safety…If you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell PLEASE, DO NOT COME. You will be provided a FULL REFUND if you’re not feeling 100% well enough and can’t attend the show. 

All our crew will be wearing Personal Protection Equipment for your safety and are feeling 110% tippity-top.

We strongly encourage YOU to wear a mask too (or any face covering), when you’re outside the vehicle although this is not compulsory.

Please, use Hand Sanitiser at the provided stations. Especially, when you leave your vehicle and before returning to your vehicles…there is plenty available!

We’re following a tight COVID safe operation of our toilets ensuring super clean and beautifully fresh event toilets at all times. 

We can not wait to safely host you this evening!


  1. All ticket holders attending the event together must be from the same household or social bubble.
  2. All public must remain in their cars to watch the movie (except those obtaining social distancing pitches). Toilets are available on site and can be used at any point during the event when required.
  3. No member of the public should attend ANY event if they are showing symptoms of COVID or if a household member is showing any symptoms of COVID. In this case you will receive a full refund on your ticket purchase. 

What to wear
We love a party so please feel free to dress up and bring your sparkles out! But remember, it gets cold at night so do bring layers of warm clothing and a blanket or two to snuggle under. The cosier you are the more you’ll enjoy your night. In the event of poor forecasting, we advise you to come prepared with waterproofs and umbrellas to avoid getting wet if you wish to use the social distancing area at the beginning of the evening. 

The Star & Mouse Cinema
The Star & Mouse is a small independent business based in Cambridge. We spend our summers trundling our trinket cinema to punters all over the country. And we wouldn’t change it for the world! We hope you enjoy what we do as much as we do. We are forever grateful for all your support.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

See you under the stars!

Ticket Prices Explained

Gold ticket £55.00
1 car, 2 occupants
Front row seating
Designated outdoor area
2 deck chairs
Popcorn and drink for 2
Add back seat passengers for £8 pp

Silver ticket £50.00
1 car, 2 occupants
Front row seating
Designated outdoor area
2 deck chairs
Add back seat passengers for £8 pp

Bronze ticket £30.00
1 car, 2 occupants
Popcorn for 2 people
Add back seat passengers for £4 pp

Standard ticket £25.00
1 car, 2 occupants
Add back seat passengers for £4 pp

Choose from the above ticket types. Select your film from the schedule below and head to the tickets page to book your epic evening out.