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When we meet new people and tell them what we do, their faces light up and more or less immediately after that they ask us what kind of films do we screen? Our films are handpicked and cover everything from cult-classics to children’s movies with a healthy balance of everything in between.

We as people, are creatures of sentiment and that is why nostalgically we like to look back; it is hard to resist a glance over the shoulder of time, to peep at traces of what we have left behind. That is why we adore old films and it is for just this reason that we at The Star & Mouse like to rekindle flames, dust off the old and fire up films from the past.

It’s addictive and the list is never ending, when we think of what we are going to programme next, it’s actually pretty tricky to weedle it down to one. The possibilities are endless, ever rolling and delightfully I don’t think we’ll ever get to the end.

Of course, we like to look at new things too and that means that we are gleely putting newbies on the must-watch pile as well.

We try to do a collection of three nights at one venue, when this happens, we tend to hand pick one film from the ‘cult classic’ pile, another from the ‘action/modern’ pile and the next is perhaps something more art-film/independent based.

I think our general rule of thumb is pretty simple; we play something that is just desperate to be played again and again. Find a film that doesn’t tire, no matter how many times you see it…that’s our rule, these are the films we pick. Peoples favorites.

We also very much like supporting new up and coming film makers, so it’s always a pleasure when we can screen a short film before our headline movie begins. It’s so important to stand by new talent, we want to help new artists anyway we can.

And of course with Christian’s heart firmly belonging to nature; we are also gearing up to screening a series of nature documentaries. (Watch this space for further details)

Our Venues

Our venues are just as special as the films we show, we take a lot of time searching for locations that provide us with awesome backdrops.

We wanted to play with the idea of wonderland just being around the corner; the hope that we could be on our way to the village shop for a pint of milk but upon opening the door we are met by fairies and dragons instead. It is so very important for us all to dream, don’t you think? To leave the dishes in the sink every now and then, the jobs will still be there waiting for our return. But to have one night free from it all, the mundane; how glorious would that be!?

Film is like the window to another world and we feel that pull tenfold when we are in unlikely surroundings. There is something so enchanting about bringing cinema into unexpected places, it makes leaving reality a little bit more likely, even if it is just for one night!

Life should be extraordinary not ordinary.

You can find us in all sorts of spots; from vineyards, to swimming pools from picturesque pub gardens to the ruins of old Abbeys. We are always looking to screen films with a difference.

(please note for screenings at Chilford Hall there is a scenic 5-10minute stroll to the vineyard so wear good shoes and look forward to the wine)

What to wear

We don’t have a particular dress code so if you do live in your jeans and wellies then you have a home with us.

However if you are wanting to push the boat out and need a good old fashioned excuse to strut your funky-stuff, we do encourage our audience to dress-up and really go to town. We love a bit of glitz and vintage glamour, so just for a heads-up let yourselves get carried away with your dressing-up boxes and go totally overboard. So here’s to victory-rolls and drawn-on pencil moustaches, to top-hats and tails, to frilly full length skirts and feather bowers. We salute you!!!

But remember revellers!!! it’s also good to wrap up warm because it can get chilly when the sun goes down. A small dog to cuddle or hot water bottle is also recommended! And just to let you know, we brave the rain! The show goes on in the showers and because we love you, we hand out free rain-ponchos to keep you snug and dry.

Added extras

To add to our hotch-potch of mayhem we like to start every evening off with a whiz and a pop, which is why we make sure we program some cool local performers to entertain our crowds before every screening.

We also have some giant sized games which we bring with us, so if you fancy playing a round or two of giant Jenga before the film starts, come to us early for a bit of a giggle. It works as a great opportunity to settle into your seats and meet some of the people who you are watching the film with, great fun for everyone.

Screen and Silent-Disco Headphones

Today, The Star & Mouse is the proud owner of a ‘AirTight’ inflatable screen which stands 6.5m wide x 3.45m high and unlike other inflatable installations it does not require a blower during operation, this of course mean that it is silent during film time and can even float on water!

At our viewings we either use a PA sound system or silent-disco headphones which enables us to show films in multiple languages.
Forget lugging your camping chairs, we have reclaimed vintage deckchairs from Southsea beach in Portsmouth which now make up our 200 seated open-air auditorium. Each chair has been ethically sourced and super comfy to sit in.

The River Kitchen and Bar

Before we launched The Star & Mouse we ran a cute little catering outfit called The River Kitchen; we were mainly serving pizzas on the market in Cambridge but it began life long before that whilst I cooked for a circus company at Glastonbury Festival. The River Kitchen is much loved and couldn’t be put to bed, so we’ve brought it along with us to team up with The Star and Mouse.

We reckon that there isn’t much better than a food and movie night, so come hungry to our events and we will feed you up nicely. The menu changes regularly but we feature things like stone baked pizzas, sharing platters, baked camemberts, mezze boards and (for the colder moments) warming stews.

Of course, a cinema wouldn’t be a cinema without a bar and popcorn so naturally we’ve made sure there is a flowing supply of it along with other little naughty snacks that are hard to keep away from Christian! Eat them before he does!

Our Intern Project

Working with young people is something we hold very close to our hearts. We have over the years, on various projects seen young men and women grow and blossom into delightful and very talented professionals.
We run a paid intern project scheme for young people between the aged of 16 – 24 who would like to begin a career within the arts and entertainment industry. So if you fancy getting involved drop us an email for more info.

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